Hi and welcomethe AstroExploits blog.

My name is Richard but you can call me just call me “Rich”…. because I am. I mean I am not rich as in “wealthy”, but I am rich because I have a great wife and two adorable kids, and in my book that makes me one of the richest and happiest people in the world ….oh yeah and “rich” is also short for Richard [duh!]!

AstroExploits.com is my little place on the web where I chronicle a journey to understand all there isto about about our little planet and its immediate environment that many call “The Universe”. From low earth orbit to giga-parsecs, the  heliosphere through distant galaxies to the beginning of time, you will find it all here in time.

I don’t promise that you will agree with everything that I write. Its my blog and its primarily for me, but I do hope that you enjoy my ramblings and that you find my words interesting and useful.

Of course there are many other amateur astronomy resources out there that are way better than this site, but finding, navigating and making sense of them is not always easy. As my story unfolds I hope that this blog will help to bring these other resources together, to act as a sort of index of the ones most useful to a beginner and to demystify the subject for ordinary folk.

One of my reasons for blogging about my journey that is astronomy is so that those beginners who come into the hobby after me have an easy to read resource with honest commentary that will I hope make their journey into the subject easier and more enjoyable. Of course only time will tell if I achieve that objective.

But for now, please join me on my journey and let me share with you my Astro Exploits.