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Wow – After another few earth hours of reading I just found out that the universe really is a big place! You are thinking “so what” I know that already!

But do you know how big it really is?

To measure it and objects in it we don’t use centimetres, inches, yards, meters, miles or kilometres, instead the boffins have created other units of measurement, they use astronomical units, light years and parsecs.  And believe me these are really big units to measure really big distances.

Here’s some random examples:

The distance from the Sun to Earth is a mere 93 million miles (150 million KM) or one astronomical unit (au for short), a short walk in the park in astronomical terms.

The light from the sun takes about 8 minutes to reach earth.

A light year is 6 trillion miles (9.65 trillion kilometers)!

206,265 astronomical units  or 3.26 light years make a parsec and we measure celestial distance using kilo-parsecs or mega-parsecs! These distances really do justice to the word “astronomical”.

Back to telescopes tomorrow but for now I am just trying to stay sane – I mean all of this adds up to only one thing,  that we on this planet are just like a speck of dust in this universe!



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